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I asked about places to check out in Seoul to the hostel staff and he gave me a big map of the city which included information about subway stations and local attractions like museums, palaces etc.

I just hopped on the metro and got down at one of the central stations. I was surprised to see number of Samsung phones 😀 and every car is Hyundai. Lot of people use subway as the traffic gets really bad during the peak hours.

I was trying to find directions to Gyeongbokgung palace and stopped two people who were I think on the way back to office after the lunch break. I showed them the place I wanted to go on the map as they did not understand my pronunciation of the palace and then one of them looked up for directions on his phone and started to discuss it with his friend and after couple of minutes once they decided which will be the best way to go they gave me the directions. Korean people are really nice, they go out of their way to help you out.

Royal palace was great, a unique Korean architecture and various sections for different type of activities. such as public meetings, internal meetings, gardens, residential area etc.

I was looking for a restaurant for lunch after roaming around the palace and was bit tired. I finally went into this small tiny restaurant in a tiny street and the guy spoke little english so I asked him about any chicken dish and he pointed to one picture on the menu saying chicken and rice. When he brought the bowl with rice and chicken on top and chopsticks. I said can I have a fork or spoon? he gave me a soup spoon a big one which of course was of no use. It took me a while to finish the dish with chopsticks but I did it! probably it was fun sight for the people at the restaurant seeing me struggling with chopsticks. In Korea they say if you can’t use chopsticks properly your parents didn’t teach you well.

On the way back to the hostel in metro group of school girls and an old lady were waiting on the door to get off at the next station and one of the school girl picked up something from hair of the old lady and told her there was something in hair and old lady was thanking the girl multiple times and smiling while she was getting off.


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