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Wanaka is beautiful, a calm blue water body placed with trees with fall colors at this time of the year and tall mountains. I wish I could describe the place at length and admire it more. My hostel was small and nice, bit different from the one’s I had stayed so far. I arrived late after the hitchhiking adventure and slept early. Next day morning I got up early and prepared tea and joined people sitting outside in patio and asked about a short and nice hike and they told me Mt. Iron about 2 kms from the city center and 500 meters high with good views of the area on a good day. I walked around the lake for sometime, I saw the hitchhiking couple from last day and we asked the same question to each other what time did we get here. They had reached early and the guy said it all because of the girl she was the one who was waving. Around the lake it is a big loop and takes few hours to complete. I decided to go with Mt. Iron hike as it was not very far and time consuming. It was steep and I made it to the top in about 1 hour and it was a great sunny day and from the top I could see the whole town. It was amazing. I sat on top close to one hour, overlooking lake wanaka which I had read about few months ago it and it made me wonder how quickly things manifest.

I came back to the hostel late afternoon and was starving after the hike. I made Indian noodles which I bought from Indian grocery store in Christchurch. One girl was frantically running around the kitchen to find pots and utensils. She was making pasta probably for the first time. Initial round of introductions began and she was from Argentina and when I said to her that she should calm down she replied Argentinians can’t keep calm. She is crazy (Sorry, M) She is well travelled and a big rugby fan instead of football which I think is weird and planned on watching some random rugby game in Wanaka.

Well, I was forced to watch a rugby game with orange juice at a bar which was empty, but it was fun. One of the funniest story she told was when she was in Morocco, a guy offered her to show around the city but while walking on the street he will walk in front of her as if she was not with her and then also talk while walking in front of her.

Wanaka stay was short and nice and I was ready for another hitchhiking adventure further south to Queenstown.

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