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I waited for more than one hour at the border and finally the bus came and it stopped near the gate. I asked one of the bus staff if the bus is going to Pakse, he said yes, then I explained about my situation that I was told to wait here for the big bus, he said no one has told him about my pick up but he will call and check. Bus was waiting for passports of passengers with Laos stamps and I asked the staff guy if it will reach on time to catch the overnight bus to Vientiane and he said yes he can reserve my seat in the overnight bus and that bus will not leave until we reach Pakse.

Bus reached Pakse around 9pm and a sleeper bus was waiting, I guess they were of the same company. It was double storey bus with beds on the side and a walking alley in the center. Bed on the side was not very wide and it was for two people. When I reached my assigned seat/bed on the upper level it was empty and I thought I don’t have to share it with anyone as the bus was about to leave and I settled next to the window, few minutes later a Chinese girl came looking for her assigned seat and it was next to me, side bed across my seat was occupied by two guys one Chinese and other Korean. Chinese girl was bit confused and she knew the Korean guy who was sitting across. The Korean guy offered his seat to the Chinese girl saying that she can sleep at his place and pointed to the guy next to him and said he is Chinese. I tried to look for other empty bed where I could move but the bus was full. Girl started talking in Chinese with the guy and was laughing hard about the situation I guess. It was funny and awkward at same time. I didn’t sleep properly at all and leaned on the window the whole night to make the whole scene less awkward, I slept in patches.  When I woke up in the morning bus was five minutes away it reached Vientiane early in the morning.I stayed in Vientiane for couple of days, first day I just slept and was really tired from the twenty four hour bus journey. Next day, I met a Canadian teacher at the hostel, he was teaching in Malaysia and we went to the Buddha Park together, park was outside the city and had lot of statues.

There was a Punjabi restaurant near the hostel and I ate there during my stay. Owner was from Pakistan and I asked him how many years he has been in Laos now and he said 22 years and I asked if he knew the local language and his reply was epic “Aapan kehnu sikhani aa”  “I don’t have to teach it to anyone”

I also applied for Myanmar visa in Vientiane and it was the easiest and quickest visa process ever, I went to the embassy in the morning and had the visa by evening.

I continued to Luang Prabang after spending couple of days in Vientiane.


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