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I have not laughed as much in quite a time as much I laughed yesterday. I reached Christchurch couple of days ago and met this crazy (you will know shortly) british guy (let’s call him J), very outgoing and loud. After the first conversation which lasted the whole evening discussing politics, women, adventure sports, travel stories and remaining all the things under the sun we decided to stroll around the city next morning.

Christchurch had a major earthquake few years ago and you can still see the effects in the center of the city, lot of damaged buildings. There is big rebuilding going on as some buildings were marked as unsafe by the government. City does not feel like a city, it is completely dead, you hardly see people or traffic and while walking around, we were surprised if this is the really the center of the city.

After our stroll when we were heading back to hostel we noticed a real person standing on a platform which was suppose to be of somebody’s statue and apparently the statue which was originally there had fallen off during the earthquake leaving behind just the platform. As we were walking past it I was smiling so hard finding the whole scene amusing but J was serious making videos and clicking pictures and then suddenly he was like lets go back to hostel and when I asked what happened all of a sudden if everything is alright. He was like I forgot something. When we were walking back he told me he has this idea, he will put on his superman costume(which he apparently bought to skydive in) and stand up there for couple of hours. I laughed and asked him if he is serious and he said “Yes, I am very serious.”

As we were entering the hostel building we had a group of women walking in front of us and saw couple of them had babies in the baby carriers in front of them and when we approached the entrance we realized all of them were carrying babies and it was a big group. J in his usual style while holding the door for them “Woah, how many babies do we have here” “Where you got all the babies from” “Did you get any group discount?” Ladies were not impressed and I gave a look to J to shut up.

Walking along with superman on Christchurch streets was amazing, getting all the attention and excitement in kids when they saw him was extraordinary. While walking past a couple who was getting in the car, J said “Be safe, put on your seatbelts” My stomach was aching after constantly laughing and walking along the superman. People were honking and kids waving and screaming “Hello, superman” and it was quite a scene. Now we were hoping that the man(statue replacement) had gone.

He was still standing up there and J politely asked if he can take his place and get up there and get a photograph and the man was like this is not my place, this is his place (pointing to the name of the statue, carved on the stone), come on up I will help you.

J got up and the man came down and he was popular in an instant. All the passerby where taking picture, kids lined up to take pictures with superman, people from the cars, tram screaming “Hey Superman, how is it going?” I was taking pictures and laughing. Group of teenage boys asked J if he has lost a bet, why he was standing up there.

When J had soaked in all the day’s popularity, done with posing for photographs, waving and was trying to come down (it was quite high not easy to come down) he was struggling a bit and one man passing by stopped and screamed with a serious face “Real Superman will fly off” I just could not stop myself I was on the literally rolling on the ground.

The whole scene made my day and I was laughing hysterically.


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