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I was roaming around the city center and saw this cafe and went in for coffee. I have realized that Americano is the closest thing you can get in rest of the world compared to an american starbucks brewed coffee. Anyways I placed the order and the barista asked me if I wanted it for here or take away. I thought I will not be able to finish it all at the cafe so will sit for a while and then drink the rest while roaming around so I said take away. After I got my coffee I looked around and found an empty corner, cafe was almost empty and was not very big and not very small either. I was sipping my coffee slowly and browsing on the phone for directions as they had free wifi and after few minutes one cafe worker walks up to me and she said: “Sorry, you ordered take away coffee”


 “Actually, to have coffee here you have to pay extra, I am so sorry”

“ohk, sorry” I was confused and embarrassed and quickly gathered my things and left without looking back.

It was a very funny experience on day 1 in Seoul.

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