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I have lot of pending posts and have been working on them and hopefully clear the backlog soon. I have started a project which resonates with the name of the blog, I have started asking people I meet on the road about their dreams.

I want to share an experience which happened few days ago, it touched me a lot. I was sitting in a tiny café in a beautiful small town surrounded by green mountains in northern Thailand. The girl working at the café spoke little English, she was very polite and had a positive and happy aura around her. I used the google translator app on the phone and told her about the project and then typed “Can I ask you a question?” and showed her the translation and she nodded.

I asked “What’s your dream” and she started typing on her phone and showed it me, it said ” I have the perfect life”


I smiled and asked “how?” then she wrote “Just have a good time every day enough” and I was speechless.


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