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We took the afternoon ferry to panglao island and it was two hours ride, the longest I have been on a ferry. The best thing we did upon reaching was renting a scooter. Two wheelers give meaning to life, yes seriously. Anyways we had lunch at a roadside food stall and tried different local dishes and liked most of it.

We made our way to the hostel which was at one corner of the island and about half hour ride from the ferry terminal and the hostel was lovely, it was basically a coconut farm with few bamboo huts with bunk beds. It was almost like camping. We asked about the things to do, hostel staff told us about the firefly tour on the other side of the island about 45 mins away and K was excited about it and I had no plan or expectations and I was happy to do it.

We reached the place one hour before and the tour people told us about various options, taking a tour boat or kayak with a guide. Fireflies were on the trees next to the river and one could take a boat or kayak. I have never done kayaking before so I told K let’s take the boat and wait for other people to show up but she was interested in kayaking. I was convinced to do kayaking and won’t be a big deal even I fell into the river as I had lifejacket on so will keep floating, anyways after waiting for some more time, it was dark and we were ready to start.

It took some time to getting used to paddling and K was steering at the back so all I had to was paddle hard and she maintained the kayak’s orientation. Our guide was a local college going kid and explaining about fireflies and about the area. He pointed to tree on the other side of the river and told us to paddle that way as we went closer we could see blinks of light on the tree, it was beautiful. He told us they are coming out, we went further deep in the river and one of the tree was blinking like it had all the stars on it. We had bit of twilight and watching this tree with fireflies blinking on it from a kayak with quiet surroundings it was magical. When I looked up at the tree, I could see the dark branches and the blinking lights and night sky in the background. It was a fascinating site. On the way back to hostel it suddenly started raining heavily and we were soaked, I could not see anything on the road. I stopped at this roadside food shop was worried about my passport in my backpack. I put it away in a plastic bag so that it does not get wet and I don’t have to spend a extra month in Philippines circling Indian consulate.

Next day K went on whale watching and snorkelling tour at 6am and I just slept in at the hostel. It was a lazy day for me and had the free local breakfast at the hostel and then went riding around the island on the scooter. I went to the nearest beach and was surprised by the beauty, it was white sand, clear water. It was amazing and I was in awe of the beautiful nature.


While driving back to the hostel I saw K screaming from behind on a scooter, I told her that I am hungry and ready for lunch so was she. After lunch we went to the cave with stalactites and stalagmites and Tarsier century which had about eight Tarsier and we saw about five of them, they were interesting.

On the way back to cebu on the ferry we sat at the back in open air and it was around sunset. It was a beautiful vista, ferry going on a good speed and sound of waves with a breeze flowing.


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