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Hangover Ride

Next morning I planned to stay one extra day in Luang Prabang and go to a village on the other side of the mekong river by myself. In the hostel I was enjoying the whole four bedroom dorm to myself until N joined, he was American on southeast asia trip and when we started talking in the morning, he told me about his crazy journey on his motorcycle across Vietnam. It was fascinating, I love story telling style of Americans, it is great, sometimes they get in to tiny details which I can never imagine and the way they express it just amazing and fascinating. I wish I had that type of skill anyways N bought a junk motorcycle in Vietnam which he said ran great during his trip of five weeks and was ready to sell it in Laos and the only problem was he had was bike had Vietnamese registration and no Laos paperwork. He was not at all worried about it and he said he will just dump it here if no one buys. I envied him for his motorcycle adventure and thought of doing something similar across India. I told him about my day’s plan to go on villageĀ and I left the hostel for breakfast. He said he will join me. After breakfast he said he will also come and we can take motorcycle on the ferry and explore the village. (more…)

Good bye Ice Cream

Next day B had to leave for a tour and I hung out with L and K, we strolled around Luang Prabang and went to one of the temple on top of a mountain in middle of the city. It was hot and we were sweating buckets by the time we reached the top. L made fun of me when I offered a couple to take their picture when they were struggling. On the way backĀ K was adamant on taking us to Korean restaurant for lunch as we had already went to India the day before, he had all the directions. We reached there post lunch and staff was friendly and K got excited and started ordering in Korean and the girl who was taking the order was local so she rushed inside to call the Korean owner. K was explaining all the items and Kimchi and other sauce ingredients and he was happy we were enjoying the Korean food, I asked him if his Korean dish is better than the Indian dish he ate day before and he said that was second best, this is the best. We walked back to our hostels and K bought his return ticket to Vientiane where he planned to cross overland to Thailand. We walked the streets of Luang Prabang and bid good byes and we were tired. (more…)