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Time in Bali

I was thinking about Bali today, the healers.


Fast Boat

I am sure anyone who comes in or go out of Lunag Prabang has to answer this question. Fast boat or slow boat or bus? One can not avoid it. Mekong river which passes through the town goes all the way to the Thai border in the north, it is about 8-9 hours by fast boat and 16-18 hours by slow boat which takes two days including an overnight stop at midway. Final option is bus which is an overnight ride for about 14 hours. I was all for speed so decided to go on the fast boat. It was an adventure like never before, when I reached the pier in the morning I had to wait for sometime and starting talking with one British man who was there to find lost luggage of his son which he forgot on the boat the day before, boat office was trying to locate it. I politely asked how was the journey he said not bad just bit cramped so I was preparing myself for the ride. He had traveled extensively in Africa and I was curious to know his experience. He said African people are more expressive compared to people of other regions. (more…)