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My childhood friend who is living in Auckland planned a weekend trip in the north island. We drove around most of the time and ate butter chicken pies. Meat pies are very popular here and different styles like thai chicken curry pie, they are cheap and tasty. One day I had butter chicken pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I definitely miss it now.

One of the amazing thing I liked about the north island trip was the hot water beach. This is a popular beach which has an active volcano in its vicinity and in some areas of the beach if you dig a bit you get hot sulpher water and people create their own private pools of hot water. It was crazy fun seeing people digging and relaxing in the pools and all ages were enjoying it equally.


My friend trying hard for his pool 🙂

We also went to luging and I liked the cable car ride more.


New Zealand is definitely one of the most beautiful country, all the places are amazing irrespective of which part of the country you are in.

My New Zealand adventure was almost over and it was time to check out Korea.

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