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I decided to go to Newcastle just because it was the last station on the Sydney train line. It is a growing small town.  An old man asked me if he can help as he could clearly tell I had no idea where to go when I got off, we walked for few blocks and he told me that it was a steel town 10 years ago and since all the steel plants have closed local authorities are remodelling the town, you can see lot of old and empty buildings. Town gives you a mix vibe of a charming old quiet and trying to be modern place. It has lot of cafes and beautiful coastline.

On the way back an old lady sat next to me and she was very funny and loud 🙂

“I bet you do this everyday” (commute from Newcastle to City)

“No, first time”

“Oh ours is second time”

She was from a small town nearby and going to the City.

“I can not travel backwards” (sit in the opposite direction in which train is going) and we talked a lot on all the randoms things in the world from her plants in the backyard to the modern city life

Near a station another train was passing our train and she was excited and screamed “Race is on!!”

On the other note, my host was lovely and so was her idea 🙂


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