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I moved to a hostel as I had booked a DMZ tour which take you all the way to the north and south korea border and it started really early from the city. My room in the hostel was full of american drunk kids who performed a symphony of snoring all night and yes each one of them. I woke up really early for the tour thanks to kids and was ready to go to this tour. When I reading the booking email to go to the subway station I realized that I booked the tour day before and it was already gone. I was glad that I didn’t pay anything in advance.

I stayed around the hostel area the whole day and just relaxed. I met this very interesting guy working at the hostel from California, very talkative and outgoing and his crazy ideas. He had studied linguistic and lived in China for a while. I liked his confidence and his ideas and first one was to make 10 million dollars as quickly as possible and then invest them and get return of about a million per year. He wanted to start some real estate business for chinese people with offices in China and US and also run for president later on.

Next day I was heading to Jeju island. I had booked flight when my host told me about it and showed pictures. I got a good deal for later that week and was excited about this volcanic island.

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