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I stayed for almost a week in Jeju and didn’t do anything for first couple of days and my host thought I am sick as I was sleeping most of the time.

My host (M) was very funny, I learned a bit about local korean culture and tried some local food as well. We went to the local food market and they had this stone statue on the front gate and asked M about it and she told me it’s a jeju thing, they are always in pair meaning two statues on both the ends of the gate and belief is that they keep evil spirits away. It was Jeju’s nazar battu. M told me that Jeju has three things in abundance Water, Rocks, Women.

M recommended me one place to visit in south the next day, it was a cave buddha temple  and I went to the tourist information center and lady told me bus will leave in one hour and then I asked her if there are any vegetarian restaurants or dishes I can eat around the area. She wrote me the name of the restaurant and name of the dish in korean and gave me the directions to get there. It was a small restaurant and it was empty. The family which ran the restaurant was having lunch. They pointed to a table to sit down and I gave the lady who came to take my order the note and she nodded her head and after few mins a big plate with lot of bowls with different veggies appeared. Cave temple was bit of hike and fun, with beautiful views from the top of the nearby village.

I got addicted to the hot chocolate at one of the cafes near M’s house. It was delicious and I went there every evening I was in Jeju. I went to few places in Jeju and spent most the time doing nothing or may be I was already looking forward to my next destination, Philippines.

Stone GrandPa (Dol hareubang)

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