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Have you watched eat, pray and love movie? one hostel staff in New Zealand asked me about where I am from? and when I asked him the same question, he replied Bali then he said “Remember that movie eat in Italy, Pray in India and Love in Bali. I am from Bali” I had no idea what he was talking about, he also advised me to visit Ubud in Bali when I am there. Later I downloaded the movie while I was in Korea, internet speed is blazing and watched it on the way to Bali. It was a nice movie and I liked it. When I stumbled upon the blog about healers the other day I remembered about the movie. I decided to meet some local healers and planned to visit about four of them in the near by area. I was excited about the experience and had no idea what to expect. Anyways I set up meeting with this one healer (P) who was close to the hostel I was staying in.

P lived about couple of miles from my hostel and I showed up a bit early than the planned time. When I entered the street I asked the two people standing there about the healer’s house and one of them told me to come in. I was waiting there for some time. One who asked me to come in was P, the healer, with whom I was meeting.

When I called up couple of days ago for the appointment, the lady on the phone told me that be specific what you want from the meeting. I thought about it for the next few days but could not came up with anything concrete. Lady who answered the phone came in where I was waiting and after few minutes P joined us. P spoke little english so the lady did all the translation. P lit up his cigarette and said something to in Balinese and the lady translated and she said “How can P help you today” I was like blank and not expecting it to start like that and telling myself hold on we need to build some rapport here first that’s what they taught in all those D trainings 😀 I started with my introduction and where I am from and then about the trip. It was getting comfortable after few minutes. I didn’t come with any particular problem so P replied wisely “If you go to a restaurant you have to tell them what you want. They can’t bring you anything until you tell them what you want” I agreed and smiled. Then he started talking that wherever you go in your travels you have to come back to yourself, be at peace with yourself. He also said that “Wisdom is in the mind and honesty is in the liver and be honest with yourself” I was smiling, nodding in acknowledgment, just listening and had nothing much to say, I was enjoying the conversation. We talked about few more things and then towards the end he said I will leave you with this “Always remember, when you walk towards the Sun, shadow is always behind you”

Next day I went to one palm reader and it was an interesting experience as he did all the talking and was surprisingly true on most the accounts.

For the rest of the days I just wandered on the scooter across the beautiful green rice fields and didn’t go to other healers, meeting with P was enough and reminder of the kind of the ultimate truth. One has to be with oneself.



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