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Next morning I planned to stay one extra day in Luang Prabang and go to a village on the other side of the mekong river by myself. In the hostel I was enjoying the whole four bedroom dorm to myself until N joined, he was American on southeast asia trip and when we started talking in the morning, he told me about his crazy journey on his motorcycle across Vietnam. It was fascinating, I love story telling style of Americans, it is great, sometimes they get in to tiny details which I can never imagine and the way they express it just amazing and fascinating. I wish I had that type of skill anyways N bought a junk motorcycle in Vietnam which he said ran great during his trip of five weeks and was ready to sell it in Laos and the only problem was he had was bike had Vietnamese registration and no Laos paperwork. He was not at all worried about it and he said he will just dump it here if no one buys. I envied him for his motorcycle adventure and thought of doing something similar across India. I told him about my day’s plan to go on village and I left the hostel for breakfast. He said he will join me. After breakfast he said he will also come and we can take motorcycle on the ferry and explore the village.

Bike was at least twenty years old, about 100cc engine and Japanese make. I was still in denial that he actually drove across Vietnam on it. We saw a map of the area when we entered the village and decided to ride in a loop. He rode like a maniac on the dirt rode, didn’t slow down on turns and road was mostly empty. I asked him to slow down many times but he simply ignored and I just held on to the bike tightly for rest of the day. I was filming using GoPro on the selfie stick on the back seat and he said that Laos is famous for armed robberies and my act will definitely help him in witnessing one. He was funny and crazy driver, ride was beautiful, there was no proper road but the surroundings were green and mountains around making it pleasant and while we were about to end our ride it started raining. We took a shelter at one of the shop as it was started pouring hard. Shop was a small grocery shop and the whole family who ran it was unloading a truck full with grocery items. N and I stood on the side under a cover and watched the whole family who was busy arranging the items unloaded from the truck, even small kids were helping out, we were just thinking about joining and then a girl from the family said something in local language and everyone started laughing and signaled us to help with unloading, probably she said “What are you both  idiots watching? don’t you see everyone is helping, you also join” and we started helping to unload and arrange the stuff from the truck and were rewarded a bottle of water for our laborious work for thirty minutes. Rain had stopped by the time we were and we were on the way back to Hostel.

Next day in the morning when I was about to leave for Thailand, N told me that he was feeling better today and I asked what was wrong and he replied he was riding in hangover yesterday.

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