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Next day B had to leave for a tour and I hung out with L and K, we strolled around Luang Prabang and went to one of the temple on top of a mountain in middle of the city. It was hot and we were sweating buckets by the time we reached the top. L made fun of me when I offered a couple to take their picture when they were struggling. On the way back K was adamant on taking us to Korean restaurant for lunch as we had already went to India the day before, he had all the directions. We reached there post lunch and staff was friendly and K got excited and started ordering in Korean and the girl who was taking the order was local so she rushed inside to call the Korean owner. K was explaining all the items and Kimchi and other sauce ingredients and he was happy we were enjoying the Korean food, I asked him if his Korean dish is better than the Indian dish he ate day before and he said that was second best, this is the best. We walked back to our hostels and K bought his return ticket to Vientiane where he planned to cross overland to Thailand. We walked the streets of Luang Prabang and bid good byes and we were tired.

When I reached my hostel I got message from L that she is not happy, she does not want to go back home in the morning, she had a good time in Laos. We decided to meet up for good bye ice-cream later in the evening. L got us ice cream and while giving money to K she said ‘Don’t make me angry, go and order the ice-cream’ and she refused to accept money from us, while I told her not to exchange any money just for the ice-cream but she did it any way and distribute the remaining change among three of us and ordered to keep it as memory. It was sweet of her.

After ice cream we went to walk along the Mekong river and sat near the pier, it was dark and quiet. We could see the river and dark mountains on the other side with dots on lights on them. It was surreal, while we were sitting there quietly I don’t know who came up with the idea of singing songs in local language. I think it was K so we made him to sing first, he sang a Korean song about love and then L sang a Chinese song and I tried to end the singing competition but they did not let me and I had to sing a Hindi song. We three forged a great friendship in couple of days, shared our hopes, ambitions and fears. It amazed me how similar we all are despite all the differences. It was time to part ways again.


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