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J was here for a week long conference and I got interested in it when he talked about it and asked him if I can join. He said we can try but he is not very sure if I can get it as one needs an invitation to attend and it happens once in 15 years. I said we can try and do some drama at registration, he was participating as Journalist for his magazine and I said I can be his camera man. Finally we decided to give it a try, in worst case it would only cost me a bus ride, If I am denied I will take the bus back and go to the city and continue wandering around.

Our hosts were really nice, they gave us directions to the conference and ways to get go around, J and myself took the bus to the conference in the morning and were sitting at the last row and trying to figure out where to get down and then J asked the girl sitting next to him about the bus stop and she also didn’t know but she went all the way to front to ask the driver and we were close and the conference center was few stops away. She stood there to show us the stop and made sure we got off at the correct place. It was really nice of her and we thanked her a few times before we got off.

I asked J so what’s the plan for me to get in and he was like you are my camera boy and we got funding late so didn’t do preregistration. We went to the information desk in front of the conference center and they asked for our passports and gave J the id and they could not find my name obviously. Then J asked for the person he was communicating from last few weeks and then tried to explain him the situation that I am an new member accompanying him along with his crazy stories and I just stood back and watched him trying to create a scene, anyways this person said he can’t make that call but if we can explain this to other supervisor then he can print me a badge and J was like tell me where is this person.

Finally, I got my badge without much drama and was the only cameraman in the whole conference with Gopro on a selfie stick and wearing a media badge, it was hilarious.

It was a great conference with many high level people and diplomats from 100+ countries, once the opening ceremony started J noticed that no diplomats came from Spain and the table was empty, he went there and sat there for the whole time during the opening ceremony and networked with diplomats from other countries. How crazy is that? I had my moment when I got a chance to meet and speak with an Nobel Laureate. I had my first experience on a high level press conference, as soon as the executives enters million pictures are taken by press people, flash lights and sound of camera clicks was nonstop. I wish I had prepared for this conference I could have asked some tough questions to the few of the powerful people in the world.

Overall I enjoyed my time and learned about few things, how the world works on few issues as a whole, it was an interesting experience and with the media badge I could roam around pretty much everywhere which added more fun.

I came back a bit early and J crashed some invitation only lunch party with executives. I was bit hungry as well and found this pizza shop. I was waiting on my pizza and this Korean woman with a 6 month old cutest baby started talking to me and asking where I am from etc then I asked her if I can take picture was her cutest baby and she gave me the baby who was looking at my beard curiously and probably for the first time anyone with a beard.

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