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First thing I noticed is that New Zealanders say ‘cheers’ a lot. I mean in everything, here is your receipt, cheers. here you go, cheers 😀

I stayed in Auckland for a night as my connecting flight was in the morning. I met my high school friend there and he gave me a quick night tour of Auckland. We were meeting after 6 years I guess. I reached around 10pm and didn’t sleep until 3am of course there was lot to catch up and some how woke up at 7:30am to make it to 10am flight to Wellington.

Last couple of days in Wellington were great, thanks to awesome weather and my host. It is a beautiful city with lovely old buildings and surrounded by pretty green hills and ocean. It is very scenic, especially when you are walking along the harbor the view of the lush green mountains across the ocean is spectacular. Driving in some parts of the city feel like you are in San Francisco going up and down the hill except they drive on the left hand side. Even after driving most of my life on the right side (in India) I screamed at my friend few times when he was driving me around in Sydney. I thought he was turning on the wrong side of the road and I always turned up on the driver side in the parking lot and he asked me few times if I wanted to drive.

I got to learn a bit about New Zealand history. The colonial period and about the natives here (called as Māori). It is interesting how the country have evolved and waves of migration from different countries at different times in history. My host had wonderful knowledge of history of the world and our conversations helped me learn a lot of new things about different parts of the world. He is well travelled and worked in areas such as  journalism and education.

My first morning coffee in Wellington was with this view.


Check out the Map for my whereabouts and journey so far.

Cheers !!

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