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Next day J and myself planned to wander around the city and we went to dongdaemun market and they have a saying here if you can’t find anything in dongdaemun it does not exist in Korea. It’s a huge wholesale market of all types of things. For Delhi people it is like Gaffar, Tank road, Nehru place etc. all in one place.

We were trying to find the market and then I spotted the tourist information guides, Korea has organized the tourist places well, most of the places have an information center which provides local information, maps and directions. Anyways so on this busy intersection there were two girls wearing red uniform and long hats to help tourists. I told J let’s ask them and he replied those cowboys.

We asked about the market to one of the girl and she said unfortunately it is closed today then we asked for places to check out around the area and she took out a map and marked few places near by and one of the places was on a hill and it was bit of a walk and when I asked how much time it will take to go on the top, she replied about 30 minutes. J said shit in his typical Spanish accent and girl was like what? next he asks is how do you say shit in Korean and girl was laughing and trying to avoid J and trying to come back to the points of interest on the map and J was still bothering her with his crazy remarks and says how do you go up that hill? Do you have a horse? Girl was sure by this time that this guy is crazy and we thanked her and continued in the opposite direction.

J apparently has same intensity of love for 7-eleven as much as I do for Chipotle or may be a little more because he blow kisses from the bus when he sees one on the street.  We are in this 7-eleven after I do some shopping in the huge market which was open and J asks this random girl who is also browsing  the shelf about the beverage. He picked up a beverage and does not know what it is  as all the labels are in Korean. He starts chit chatting to the girl next to him as usual and then asks Are you a student here? And she replies no just traveling then she asks J Are you a student? And he instantly replies “No, I am a professor.” with his spanish accent and I started laughing, I was paying at the counter at the time and just start started laughing when I heard J’s reply and the person at the counter was confused about what happened to me suddenly.

It was a great day and we walked a lot, I took J to the food market I went a day before with college kids. We even had siesta at a museum spanish style on bean bags. When we returned to subway station near our host’s house we took the wrong exit while going out of the station and we ended up on the other side of the road in front of the station. It was a big busy road with multiple lanes and traffic coming from both sides. We realized we are on the wrong side when we came out. I said lets take the underground stairs back and take the exit on the other side and there was no pedestrian crossing on the road. J was like wait, will cross the road, wait and watch and as the traffic stopped in one of the lane he jumps on the middle of the road and starts limping and as his one leg is crippled and he walks super slowly and does not rush at all and traffic on both the sides stops, of course everyone have to give way to this crazy handicapped foreigner and I am walking on the side and controlling my laughter about how professionally he is pulling it off. Once we are on the other side of the road he starts walking normally and I just stood there for a while with hands on my waist and laughing nonstop.

Gwangjang local food market


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