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Back to work

I have not updated the blog for a while now, things were busy. Life has returned to normal but not that normal after your married 😉 In coming weeks I will talk about my remaining adventure from Laos to Burma, Bhutan and Europe.




My adventurous ride through the happiest country in the world

Full Circle

Today is the last day of my trip, a journey I started without thinking much earlier this year. I never imagined that Shiraz will be my last stop, It’s a beautiful town with lovely people in south of Iran and hometown of Hafiz, whose poem I shared on the blog when I began. I just came back from my last stop, Hafiz tomb and paid silent tribute to him.

Life has come to full circle, with new year I am embarking upon a new phase of life. I will take my time to reflect on the whole experience and start dreaming about the next journey.

Let not your thoughts constantly be fought,
Let thoughts in patience and joy be caught.
What patience? Cause what they call the heart
Is a drop of blood, and a thousand thought

– Hafiz