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I spent next couple of days doing nothing in Cebu. I just went to starbucks, ate at different restaurants near the city center and slept. I also sent out few couch requests, backed up photos and completed pending posts. I tried to rent a scooter but no luck.

I decided to spend last few days in a town called Moalboal about 2 hours from Cebu and on the same island and asked K about places to stay as she had already been there for scuba diving, she introduced me to her friend (G) who lived in Moalboal and I showed up in Moalboal the next day. G and her friend (V) were really nice. They were doing there scuba diving certification and asked them if I need to know swimming in order to do scuba and like everyone they said no. V suggested I should try snorkeling first as it will give me an experience about breathing from the mouth using the apparatus.

V took me for snorkeling near the coffee shop we were hanging out. I rented the snorkeling goggles, breathing tube, fins and a life vest. He gave me tips about using everything and then after few practice runs I was looking under water and breathing via tube and under water life was beautiful and so colorful, amazing corals, lots of different types and colors of fish. V then took me further deep in the ocean and I could no longer see the ground, bottom was blue and I freaked out after getting glimpse of the depth of the ocean. V told me to lay on the raft nearby and dip my head in the water and I saw a sea turtle. I had seen under water life for the first time. I was still scared of drowning whenever any big wave hit and I lost my balance. V just holded my hand and toured me around all the time. We went around for couple of hours and it was lot of fun.

Next day my hosts had to go to a wedding but they suggested one dive shop in case I wanted to do it. I went to the dive shop and negotiated the price and was set. Instructor showed up after few minutes and then we prepared for the dive. First thing I told my instructor after the introductions was that I don’t know swimming to which he replied with a big smile, neither does he.

We spend some time near the shore doing some exercises, how to use the equipment and some safety practices and before I realized we were 10 meters deep in the ocean and it was fascinating. I saw school of fish, deep blue water, corals, colorful under ocean life, it was magnificent. I am at loss for words to describe the wonderful experience.