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Back to work

I have not updated the blog for a while now, things were busy. Life has returned to normal but not that normal after your married ;) In coming weeks I will talk about my remaining adventure from Laos to Burma, Bhutan and Europe.




My adventurous ride through the happiest country in the world

Full Circle

Today is the last day of my trip, a journey I started without thinking much earlier this year. I never imagined that Shiraz will be my last stop, It’s a beautiful town with lovely people in south of Iran and hometown of Hafiz, whose poem I shared on the blog when I began. I just came back from my last stop, Hafiz tomb and paid silent tribute to him.

Life has come to full circle, with new year I am embarking upon a new phase of life. I will take my time to reflect on the whole experience and start dreaming about the next journey.

Let not your thoughts constantly be fought,
Let thoughts in patience and joy be caught.
What patience? Cause what they call the heart
Is a drop of blood, and a thousand thought

– Hafiz



Time in Bali

I was thinking about Bali today, the healers.


Fast Boat

I am sure anyone who comes in or go out of Lunag Prabang has to answer this question. Fast boat or slow boat or bus? One can not avoid it. Mekong river which passes through the town goes all the way to the thai border in the north, it is about 8-9 hours by fast boat and 16-18 hours by slow boat which takes two days including an overnight stop at midway. Final option is bus which is an overnight ride for about 14 hours. I was all for speed so decided to go on the fast boat. It was an adventure like never before, when I reached the pier in the morning I had to wait for sometime and starting talking with one British man who was there to find lost luggage of his son which he forgot on the boat the day before, boat office was trying to locate it. I politely asked how was the journey he said not bad just bit cramped so I was preparing myself for the ride. He had travelled extensively in Africa and I was curious to know his experience. He said african people are more expressive compared to people of other regions. (more…)

Hangover Ride

Next morning I planned to stay one extra day in Luang Prabang and go to a village on the other side of the mekong river by myself. In the hostel I was enjoying the whole four bedroom dorm to myself until N joined, he was American on southeast asia trip and when we started talking in the morning, he told me about his crazy journey on his motorcycle across Vietnam. It was fascinating, I love story telling style of Americans, it is great, sometimes they get in to tiny details which I can never imagine and the way they express it just amazing and fascinating. I wish I had that type of skill anyways N bought a junk motorcycle in Vietnam which he said ran great during his trip of five weeks and was ready to sell it in Laos and the only problem was he had was bike had Vietnamese registration and no Laos paperwork. He was not at all worried about it and he said he will just dump it here if no one buys. I envied him for his motorcycle adventure and thought of doing something similar across India. I told him about my day’s plan to go on village and I left the hostel for breakfast. He said he will join me. After breakfast he said he will also come and we can take motorcycle on the ferry and explore the village. (more…)